Wonderland by Hand
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Wonderland by Hand
Combining theory, clothing, lifestyle and art in a fun and playful way. Art and craft by people who ethically engage the past, present and future worlds around them to explore and define what’s wonderful to them.

While people often lose creative identity after childhood, in reality it’s excellent to grow at any age using creative drives and innocent exploration recalled from youth culture to expand positive, ethical, fun-loving creative identities. 

So, we like to create fun things to wear and do within empowering spaces for all. 

Our collection features hand-knit sweaters and scarves reminiscent of nature.  We also work outside typical adult paradigms of either patriarch or matriarch, strict gender norms, and latter-day capitalism, while building excellent lives. Instead of defining ourselves only along career and gender lines, we resonate with core identity. So we designed many of our pieces to be worn by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type.